Present your best smooth! Since 1991 Bump Patrol has been helping men get rid of razor bumps and razor rash.


Present your best beard! Beard Patrol cleans and softens beards while moisturizing skin to help men present their best beard.


Present your best skin! Skin Patrol cleanses, hydrates and moisturizes for healthy, great-looking skin.

Michale Jay Smith
This is the only shave gel I will use. Have tried many brands and nothing works like this one.
Nice, smooth shave . Allows the razor to glide with ease without the need to reapply more shaving gel. Would definitely recommend this product .
Wayne Bowling
I started shaving my head over 15 years ago and struggled to find the right product to makes this job both safe AND easy. I tried several different products and methods but once I tried Bump Patrol, I’ve never looked back. The comfort I enjoy is only surpassed by the quality and completeness of the shave I get. I have recommended Bump Patrol to several friends and acquaintances with “perfect heads” like mine and they are ALL as happy and satisfied as I am. GREAT PRODUCT!
Kerwin Smith
I incurred a lot of razor bumps within the first month that I started shaving with an electric razor. This was due to the direction that I was shaving-in (note: I am an African American with very curly hair). Once I started using this product, I observed a noticeable difference within a day. Now, I can shave in any direction and still forgo the inconvenience of unsightly razor bumps/ingrown hairs. Awesome product... I highly recommend it!
Thomas Walker
I suffer from razor bumps bad like painful to the touch bad. I used the regular strength and it worked well. I tried this and my painful bumps were gonna in hours. I now use this after every shave.
D. Wood
My husband has used this for quite a while and says it is the best product for his sensitive, aging skin.
Venomn Viper
We both use this product I mean it really makes a difference. I remember where I had a hair bump and it was sore and I put this stuff on it and it just almost immediately felt better and I put it on three times a day morning noon and night and I can guarantee that it was probably on the second day that I saw a huge difference. It really does calm the shaved skin so every single time I shave I used to stuff I just put a little bit in palm of my hand and rub it into my skin wherever I need it.
I wish products like this would be a little more clear about what they have concocted... and why it works. But that aside, this stuff really works well. I use it 3-4 times a week and it keeps the bumps and ingrown hairs to a minimum. I stopped for a while (just being lazy), and the bumps came back... lesson learned.

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