From Prep to Post-Shave: An All-Inclusive Shaving Routine with Patrol Grooming's Bump Patrol Products

From Prep to Post-Shave: An All-Inclusive Shaving Routine with Patrol Grooming's Bump Patrol Products

The act of shaving is as old as civilization itself. For centuries, the process has been refined, and rituals have been created to ensure not just a close shave but also healthy, radiant skin. Today, with advancements in skincare, products like those from Patrol Grooming's Bump Patrol line have transformed the shaving experience, making it both a pleasure and an art form. This article will guide you through an all-inclusive shaving routine, harnessing the prowess of Bump Patrol products every step of the way.

1. The Preparation: Setting the Stage

Before you even pick up your razor, it's vital to ensure your skin and hair are ready.

  • Cleanse: Start with a clean canvas. Use a gentle face wash to remove impurities and oils from the skin.

  • Exfoliate: This step helps remove dead skin cells that can trap hairs, leading to ingrown hairs post-shave.

  • Bump Patrol's Solution: Pre-Shave Oil. This essential oil blend, featuring lavender and shea oils with a hint of clove bud, prepares your skin, making it supple and ready for a shave. It provides extreme lubricity, ensuring that the razor glides smoothly over the skin, minimizing friction and irritation.

2. The Main Event: Shaving

The actual act of shaving needs precision, a steady hand, and, most importantly, a product that facilitates a clean, smooth glide.

  • Bump Patrol's Solution: Cool Shave Gel. This gel doesn't just provide a barrier; it offers a creamy lather that rejuvenates and cools the skin as you shave. The menthol-infused formula ensures that your razor moves effortlessly, reducing chances of nicks, cuts, and razor burns.

3. Post-Shave: Calm, Heal, Protect

Once the shave is complete, the skin needs immediate care to calm any irritation and protect against potential issues like razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

  • Bump Patrol's Solution: Choose from the range of Bump Patrol Aftershaves tailored for different skin needs.

    • Original Formula: A lightweight, non-greasy formula perfect for all skin types. It promises results in as little as 48 hours, combating razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

    • Maximum Strength: For those who face severe issues post-shave, this is your go-to. It offers enhanced efficacy and hydration, targeting the toughest skin challenges.

    • Sensitive Formula: If your skin tends to react quickly, opt for the "NO BURN" version. It's alcohol-free and is infused with hydration boosters, ensuring comfort and healing without any sting.

4. Ongoing Maintenance:

Between shaves, it's essential to keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated regularly. This not only ensures your skin remains healthy but also makes the subsequent shaves smoother and less prone to issues.


Shaving, for many, is a daily routine. Yet, with the right products and steps, it can be transformed from a mundane task to a refreshing ritual. Patrol Grooming's Bump Patrol line stands as a testament to this transformation. From the initial prep to the post-shave care, each product in the lineup ensures that your skin gets the best treatment. With Bump Patrol, each shave becomes an act of self-care, promising not just a close shave but also radiant, bump-free skin.