How to Wash Your Beard Like a Pro and Keep it in the Best Shape

The best and easiest time to wash your beard is in the shower. To thoroughly wash your beard and keep it hydrated and smooth, use products from the patrol range.

Step 1

Wet your beard and apply a couple of drops of Beard Patrol Beard Wash. Beard Patrol Beard Wash cleanses away all the dirt and gunk from your beard while adding moisture to your face.

Step 2

As you lather up nice and thick, use a wide-tooth beard comb to detangle your beard working from the ends up. This not only makes your beard look cohesive, but it will work in the Beard Wash resulting in the ultimate cleaning experience.

Step 3

Allow Beard Patrol Beard Wash to sit and marinate throughout the shower. Then gently rinse your beard.

Step 4

Dry your beard by caressing & holding a towel around your beard and squeeze gently. Remember, we aren't ringing clothes dry; the beard is on your face. The towel absorbs the excess water, leaving the right amount of moisture in your beard.

How to Groom Your Beard after Washing?

Now that you have washed your beard, you need to groom it.

Step 1

Start with an application of Patrol Beard Balm. This helps in containing your wild hairs and prevents itching and flakes in your newly clean beard.

Step 2

Finish with Patrol Beard Oil by warming a few drops in your hands and applying to seal in moisture and add shine.


Now that’s an immaculate beard that you should be proud of!

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