How to Achieve a Smooth, bump free shave with Patrol Products? 


Step 1

To prep the face grab Skin Patrol Face Wash to deeply cleanse your face. A clean face prevents any dirt from being trapped in your skin.


Step 2

Once you wash your face, it should feel hydrated and ready for Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil for a smoother and safer shave. 

Skipping the pre-shave oil can be a mistake. Our Pre-shave Oil contains 100% natural essential oils that soften your beard, protect your skin, and prepare you for a great shave!


Step 3

Next, apply Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel. The formula of this exclusive product is super silky. It helps in preventing cuts, scrapes and nicks, and helps in improving razor glide. A dime-size amount is enough to apply with your fingertips. You use your fingers to apply this shaving gel or, if you wish to befancy, apply a couple drops of shaving gel onto your shaving brush. Use a circular motions to build into a rich lather.

Bonus Tip: The use of Pre-Shave Oil softens the beard while the Cool Shave Gel improves razor glide.

Step 4

Grab a razor and proceed. Wait! Please make sure that's a newer razor and not one from 2003. We are trying to make sure you end up with a smooth finish, not with cuts and nicks.

  • Shave with the grain.
  • Shave downwards on the face to the Adam's apple or the line that's even with Adam’s apple.
  • Shave upwards on the neck to Adam's apple or the line that's even with Adam's apple.
  • For a cleaner shave, use a sidestroke.
  • Shave from the nose to the ear and the neck area from Adam's apple outward toward the ear.
  • On the neck, cross stroke right on the right side and left on the left side.

Bonus Tip: For a comfortable shave, keep shaving strokes light and let the razor do the work.

Step 5

Rinse your face of the excess shaving gel using cool or cold water. This helps to close those skin pores. Pat dry face using a clean towel and apply Bump Patrol Aftershave  to your face and neck. Yes, the slight stinging means it's working!

Step 6

Apply some of that Skin Patrol Moisturizer to protect your skin, keep it soft, and hydrated to retain moisture and to maintain happiness. You made the right choice!

💯 Bonus Tip: Rinsing with cool or cold water closes the pores.