Beard Patrol Beard Oil

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A well-groomed beard calls for a finishing touch of oil, handmade from¬†100% natural argan, castor, coconut and (hemp seed oils). Talk about a happy ending. ūüėĀ


1. For those spur of the moment pick-me-ups when your beard feels dry or looks dull.  Handmade from 100 % natural oils, like hemp, argan and coconut oil.

2. When you want an extra dash of confidence to make sure your beard game smells and looks good, and the shine is on point. 

3. Patrol Beard Oil improves appearance. Softens the hair to make it healthier, easy to run fingers through and style,          

4. Patrol Beard Oil  Pleasant fragrance has a clean manly smell and ups your game.        

5. Patrol Beard Oil helps to prevent dry itchy skin and relieve split ends.

How To Use: 

Warm a few drops (2-3) between your palms and apply all over beard use fingers to work into hairs 

Pro Tip 

Use the nozzle on the Beard Oil dispenser to apply 1-2 pumps of beard oil directly to the skin massage well use comb, brush, or both to style.  Use excess oil on the head. 

What Can I Expect From Beard Patrol Beard Oil?   

Softer beard hairs that are easy to manipulate and a pleasant fragrance. Moisture retention keeps beard from drying out looking dull and breaking hairs. 

Works great with with: Beard Patrol Beard Wash & Beard Patrol Beard Balm 

Fragrance Profile: Cedarwood and Tonka 

Cedarwood: Originates in Morocco has a strong aroma of sweet woodsiness, it aphrodisiac effect is grounding, calming, uplifting for moods.  The soothing effects for the respiratory system help with coughs ad bronchitis as well as physical stress and inflammation.  Ideal for naturally reducing hair loss and dandruff.

Tonka: Originates in Central America have a warm and summery, smell of vanilla, cinnamon almond and cloves creating an atmosphere of calm, relaxation.  Good for promoting a healthy sleep cycle and contains aphrodisiac properties used to heighten sexual excitement. 

NO: Sulfates, Silicones, Petrolatum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Phthalates, PEG’s, Animal Ingredients. Not tested on animals. Color Safe.



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