How Can One Grow A Thick Beard At A Faster Rate?

1. Keep you skin fresh , exfoliate your skin once a week. Clean skin helps your facial hair grow faster.

2. Certain oils like Eucalyptus oil, Amla oil promotes hair growth. My personal advice would be massaging your beard 15- 20 minutes daily before sleep.

3. Sleep well, as this will repair your damaged skin cells and help you grow beard at a faster rate.

4. Wash your beard (once it is grown a little bit) with shampoo. Once you grow a significant length of hair, start using conditioner too.

5. Use hair brushes, combs to groom your facial hair daily to keep it smooth and moisturised (Use oils).

6. Forget about razors, trimmers , scissors for at least 6-8 weeks, and then think about giving it a shape.

7. Eat protein rich foods as protein is directly proportional to hair growth.

You may find the beard itchy sometimes but trust me it'll be fine in a few days.

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