Why Do Beards Turn Gray?

As we age, our hair turns gray through a process called achromotrichia. Put simply, as we age, the melanin (which is what is responsible for the natural hair colors humans produce) is reduced and the pigmentation of our hair becomes nonexistent. These clear hairs reflect light and appear white. This happens for most guys around their 30’s, but some see gray hair sprouting around their late 40’s! This deviation is because of one’s genetics (and some bad habits), so everyone experiences graying at different times (with some luckier than others).

Gray Beard Maintenance

You must stay dedicated to your beard; you cannot just trim it once in a while and think that's good enough! And on top of that, don’t drop your beard care once it starts to gray. Your gray hairs need love too. Before managing your gray beard, you must know how to grow your beard in the first place! Here’s some tips to get your beard length and style up to par.

  • While you are in the process of growing out your beard, especially on the outer edges. This not only helps the growing process, but makes it look neat and well-cared for. We promise a well-cared for beard won’t go unnoticed.
  • Beards can take months to completely fill out, so patience is key. Patchy spots on a beard look bad, we know. However, it’s important to give your beard time to flourish. Patchy beards will fill in given enough time!
  • Most guys give up within 2 weeks because it just gets too itchy and annoying; but there are ways to easily avoid this itchiness and discomfort. Something as simple as a great beard oil can go a long way to fighting through the discomfort with minimal maintenance.

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